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manjana® functional bodywear´s story 

Why and how did we start?
The initial stimulus behind manjana® functional bodywear undershirts was based on a widely known problem: to feel irritated by sweat stains appearing under your arms in situations where you really don´t need it!
As a medical term also known as hyperhidrosis (Hyperhidrosis) for stronger sweating.


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When starting to work on the basic idea the inventor, Anja Michen, had in mind to find a solution for minor or average problems with hyperhidrosis or sudden attacks of sweating. She herself knew about sweat stains under the armpits caused by hectic situations or in summer times. Some help could already be found in the market: sweat protection pads to be sewn into clothes. However, the absorption capacity of which seemed to be limited and which could crumple.

Another help was to stick sweat proctetion pads into your clothing. but also here those may get out of place, do not stick well or do not sufficiently absorb moisture. Furthermore those products cause waste as you throw them away after use.
All these options had been tested priorly by Anja Michen, but seemed not to be practical enough and therefore the solution how to solve all this came finally to her mind.



manjana herren 003Any difficulties for using sweat protection pads are now solved with the manjana® shirts. The protection pads are integrated into the shirt and completely sewn in all around = no getting out of place anymore! The size of the pads is much larger = higher absorption capacity! The shirts can be completely machine-washed with 60 degree and will keep the function after each washing. The inner layer of the protection area towards your skin is made out of 100% roughened cotton. Within cotton bacteria will not grow as fast as in other mixed or synthetic fabrics, where bacteria corrode sweat more easily thus causing the unpleasant sweat odor (fresh sweat doesn´t smell). As well sweat or sealt scrums will not get through and appear on the outerwear. The additional impact of deodorants or antiperspirants on the fabric, like yellowing men´s shirts, will be limited as well.

Every piece of your outerwear will gain a longer lifespan! When wearing the manjana® shirt for the first time you may feel a "foreign body sensation" under your arms. However, this will disappear after wearing the undershirt 1-2 times as the protection material will adapt to the axillary. A slight possible crackling will also disappear after first washing.


manjana® functional bodywear´s necklines

Offering different necklines makes it easier for you to find the right manjana® shirt for your personal wear, wearing it invisibly underneath or meeting your personal taste.



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manjana® functional bodywear for business, service jobs and leisure time

manjana® shirts have mainly been developed and designed for your business life and neat leisure time. Main target audience are ladies and gentlemen, who want to appear smart and preserve their attractivity and self-confidence - like in office jobs, meetings, on business trips ... or in service jobs.. and/or in representative tasks, any other extracurricular activities.


manjana® functional bodywear is "Patented in Germany"

At first it was difficult to find or develop an appropriate material, which is tough and absorbent enough, can bear many washings, and will not let moisture go through. We were able to identify this kind of material and soon afterwards the concept of manjana® functional bodywear shirts was filed for a registered design in 2003 and within one year for a patent, in order to keep all rights for this new idea (patent in force since March 7th, 2007).

Special emphasis is laid on the fact that all parts of the body shirts are manufactured in Germany, which underlines the quality. Sewing, however, is now carried out in Europe. The design is "Patented in Germany" as shown with the patent number on the label.

In order to make this product more known the webpage has been redesigned and realunched with Peter Eichler (

We would be very happy, if you - having an issue with sweating - just checked it out!


Do experience your new attractivity!

Buy manjana® functional bodywear at functionalkosmetic logo 001 





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