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manjana® functional socks -
with silver for sweaty feet


You got problems with sweaty feet and unpleasant smell? Just make use of the advantages of manjana® functional socks!

The advantages at a glance:

• With antibacterial and odor-inhibiting silver
   against unpleasant sweaty smell

Plush inner sole for drier feet
98% Cotton = Very high proportion of natural
• 2% Elasthane for excellent fit
• Soft waistband
• Extra reinforced heel and tip for a longer wear
• Natural sock, without any synthetic fibers
• Made in Germany





manjana Funktionssockenmanjana funktionssocken silber schweiss

manjana® Functional Socks with Silver against Sweaty Feet

16,90€ incl. VAT 

Item number: 6301 (black in 38-40, -41-43, -44-46) 

manjana® functional socks with odor-inhibiting & antibacterial silver for use with sweaty feet. With plush insole for maximum absorption of moisture. Very high natural fiber content, without synthetic fibers. Made in Germany. Black

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The advantages of the plush inner sole:

• Cotton absorbs moisture perfectly
• Plush enlarges the inner sole area - this results in an excellent moisture absorption.
• Cotton allows moisture to evaporate – therefore the foot stays longer dry as moisture can dry again..
• Plush feels light and pleasant on the foot


The advantages of silver:

• Odour-inhibiting
• Antibacterial
• Infection inhibiting
• Antifungicide
• Natural
• Wash-resistant



manjana funktion socks

Textile composition: 98% cotton with silver, 2% elasthane


More information:

Silver is stored invisibly in the knitwear thread. When worn, the moisture of the skin triggers the active exchange of substances between fiber and skin. Odour bacteria are fought and no unpleasant odours are produced. Even after many washes these properties are preserved and the best wearing characteristics and a high functionality are guaranteed.


The silver fibres are made from the renewable raw material cellulose and are therefore extremely environmentally friendly. They are mixed with combed cotton, spun into yarn and dyed.

Washability and care

The manjana® socks are easy to maintain.Washing is recommended with 30°C in the washing machine, thus saving energy and protecting the environment. This way they are environmentally friendly not only in manufacture, but also in care. At higher washing temperatures, the socks may shrink slightly. It is recommended to pull the socks into shape after every washing and dry them lying down so that you can enjoy wearing them for a long time.


All manjana® socks are subject to product testing within a Quality Management System. If you still have complaints about our product, please contact us.

For fresh feet and more self-assurance!



Do experience your new attractivity!

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