manjana® functional bodywear's function

The advantages of manjana® body shirts do not only become obvious in summer, but also in winter. Sweating can be caused by over heated rooms or quickly changing from the outside to the inside of buildings as well. Additionally the manjana® shirts offer the comfort of normal daywear underneath your clothing. 


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Stop making unpalatable compromises!

Keep cool in hectic situations through the sweat protection of your manjana® shirt.

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manjana® functional bodywear Plus shirts 

NEW: We offer our most sought after shirts in a new Plus-design for a much higher safety against visible sweat stains!

We added a new layer with a three times higher absorption capacity to the protection area of our most wanted shirts "man-V-classic" and "woman-U-modern". This blue material is new in the market and provides enhanced protection for people, suffering from strongly or permanently sweating (also called hyperhidrosis).

The principle of sweat absorption by channelling it into and all over the surface of the sweat protection area, thus also enabling the evaporation of it again, still stays the main functional principle of manjana® undershirts. The absorption capacity of the Plus-design, however, is much higher. These shirts can also easily be machine-washed (please observe the care instructions) and will fully stay in function afterswards. No additives are used!

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manjanaAll shirt models of the manjana® functional bodywear collections are designed with short sleeves thus better avoiding sweat stains by a larger protection area. Every shirt is sewn with flat-lock technique, which makes the shirts almost invisible beneath your clothing.


More manjana® advantages

Protection of outerwear through decrease of number of washings, decrease of impact of deodorants, avoiding unpleasant odors by wearing synthetic fabrics.




manjana® functional bodywear´s instructions for care

Please observe the care instructions as they may give your shirt a longer lifetime regarding comfort and stay in form. As cotton may shrink in length after a first washing, this has been taken into consideration already when manufacturing it.

A 60grad
Waschen in der Waschmaschine im 60°C Normalwaschgang möglich.
B Chlor
Es empfiehlt sich nicht zu chloren.
C Bugeln
Bügeln bei schwacher Einstellung möglich.
D Chemie
Chemische Reinigung sollte nicht erfolgen.
E Trockner
Eine Tumbler-Trocknung ist schonend bis max. 60°C möglich.


We thank you for your trust in our innovative undershirt ...
                              ... and if you are happy with a manjana® shirt just go and tell others!




* Information according to regulations about textile labeling: The women's shirt is manufactured out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, the men's shirt also out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane; the sweat proctection area consists of one side 100% cotton and the other side 100% polyurethane (please also see drawing under Function); the blue proctection area consists of 70% polyester and 30% polyamid microfiber.


Do experience your new attractivity!

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