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The undershirt with integrated, highly absorbing underarm sweat protection pads - patented in Germany.
We developed the manjana® Body-Shirt-Collection especially for you! The shirts help avoiding the formation of unpleasant sweat stains in the armit area on your outerwear, thus making you feel more self-confident and attractive and furthermore also protecting the fabric of your clothes! Read more...


The initial stimulus behind manjana® functional bodywear undershirts was based on a widely known problem: to feel irritated by sweat stains appearing under your arms in situations where you really don´t need it!
As a medical term also known as hyperhidrosis (Hyperhidrosis) for stronger sweating. Read more...


The advantages of manjana® body shirts do not only become obvious in summer, but also in winter. Sweating can be caused by over heated rooms or quickly changing from the outside to the inside of buildings as well. Additionally the manjana® shirts offer the comfort of normal daywear underneath your clothing. Read more...


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... we will switch our product packaging to environmentally friendly, recycled plastics. We want to contribute to environmental protection as well.

... we consider new textile products that will make your life more enjoyable. Please send us also your suggestions!


  • Grant A., Friedrichhafen

    In 2016 I had written to Mrs. Michen because I wasn't sure if her product was right for me. Today I can't say often enough how much the manjana shirts have made my everyday life easier.

    I just find this product top, there is something for everyone and with the Plus Shirt you can survive even the hottest days sweat-free. I have tested a lot of products and apart from the manjana undershirt nothing could convince me.

  • G. Martin, Oldenburg

    I have bought the woman-U-modern shirt for an opera evening. I felt very safe with it underneath my dress. After washing I can state that the shirt doesn´t shrink and that quality and function stay the same. The cotton fabric feels soft and is very skin-friendly. The cut fits in length and width very well. I just want to say that I am very satisfied and was surprised how quickly I got used to it and that I don´t want to miss it for special occasions and probably in my everyday life.

  • Matthias D., Rhein-Main-Area

    Working in the financial service sector I need to care for my appearance. In order to avoid embarrassing sweat stains, which can easily emerge during my hectic working day, I have been buying manjana® shirts from Anja Michen already since 2008. I wear them almost daily under my working clothes. They can be often washed and tumbled without any impact on looks and function. You are not able to find so many other similar solutions in the market. I have to say that I am a very content customer already for years and also like the new cut, which doesn´t feature seams under your armpit anymore and has a bit tighter fit. I would recommend to others, just try it out!



manjana® FUNKTIONSSOCKEN Info Englisch

manjana® functional socks with silver for sweaty feet

You got problems with sweaty feet and unpleasant smell? Just make use of the advantages of manjana® functional socks!

More Information!


manjana®functional bodywear - women & men collection*



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*depending on shirt design, the shirts are available in white, skin or black colour


Do experience your new attractivity!

Buy manjana® functional bodywear at functionalkosmetic logo 001 





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